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Dec 11, 2023

December: Message from Paul Walsh, CEO, Industry Skills Australia


In June this year, Industry Skills Australia (ISA) was appointed by the Federal Government as the Jobs and Skills Council for the Transport & Logistics industries, which includes - Maritime, Rail, Transport and Logistics (including Omni-channel Logistics and Distribution) and Aviation (including Space Transport and Logistics).  

It’s a real honour for our organisation to be granted this opportunity. We’re industry-owned and led, and we understand this opportunity comes with great responsibility as the industry faces significant workforce challenges on a daily basis. Together, we are facing unprecedented shortages of skills and workers. 

The Jobs and Skills Council program is an ambitious one, bringing employers, unions, and governments together to develop solutions to workforce challenges. Engaging and working with training providers, along with those in rural and remote locations, will also be a focus for ISA. No one party or organisation can solve the workforce challenges alone. Collaboration, partnerships, and consultation will be the keys to success.

Central to what we do are the national workforce plans for each of the industry sectors, which are submitted to government annually. The development of the workforce plans from 2024 will be led by the recently established Strategic Workforce Planning Committees. Using an evidence-based approach and ongoing consultation, the annual workforce plans identify and respond to workforce challenges. They are industry’s voice to governments on the issues and blockages they are facing and propose solutions to address the problems. There’s more about the committees and the workforce plan further in this newsletter.

September saw the formal launch of ISA in Tasmania and was accompanied by a senior industry leaders roundtable event. Choosing Tasmania to launch ISA as a JSC was a conscious decision by the ISA Board and signals our commitment to listening to all voices, whether they be metropolitan, rural, regional, or remote. 

We’re getting on with the work at hand, recently commencing two training product development projects, one on Chain of Responsibility responsibilities across the transport and logistics industry, and the second responding to changes to maritime industry regulations. You can find out more about how to be involved in these projects through the ISA website. 

As we move into 2024, our priority will be to deepen our engagement with industry, unions, RTOs, State and Territory Governments and all stakeholders. We will continue to do everything possible to ensure the interests of our industry are represented to decision-makers. 

With the Strategic Workforce Planning Committees established, the new year will see the focus on the development of the 2024 national workforce plans. You can expect to see more information and consultation opportunities very soon. 

We’re also working on additional ways of ensuring the Strategic Workforce Planning Committees are receiving the latest information and advice on what’s happening at the cutting edge in our industry sectors and adjoining industries across the supply chain. We’re looking forward to sharing more information on these initiatives in the new year.

This year has been the beginning of something important for industry and the economy. Through all of us working together, 2024 will be the opportunity to start developing and implementing meaningful solutions to skills and workforce challenges. 

Finally, a big thank you from all of us at ISA for your support in 2023. Wishing all the very best for the holiday season and looking forward to a very successful new year ahead for all of us.  

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