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People first, for a future-fit supply chain workforce.

At Industry Skills Australia, we believe in a “people first” culture where a skilled workforce is about better jobs, increased productivity and creating opportunity.

Industry Skills Australia establishes its Industry Advisory Council

While Australia's transport and logistics industry employs over 730,000 workers, that number rises to over one million when including those employed in industries such as mining, manufacturing, retail, and agriculture. Importantly, it’s companies in these industries that often pioneer new ways of working and new technologies that subsequently flow through to transport and logistics.

To drive genuine cross-industry collaboration, we have established the Industry Advisory Council, a high-level, tripartite mechanism that brings together a range of industries with the single goal of building a resilient and agile supply chain workforce. 

Solving the Challenges Together

As the new Jobs and Skills Council for the nation's transport and logistics sectors, we will be bringing together business leaders, unions, governments, industry organisations and training providers to understand the real issues and collaborate on high impact solutions.

We’re committed to building a world class supply chain workforce to lift the nation’s productivity and create better jobs and careers for Australians. To secure this future we’ll need to tackle many challenges.

Whether its finding ways of getting more skilled truck drivers into the cabs of trucks to keep Australia’s supply chains moving.

Or sourcing a workforce to ensure the $155 billion pipeline of rail projects can be built and operated safely. Or building a strategic fleet to enhance our sovereign maritime capability and creating jobs for Australian seafarers.

Or figuring out how we ensure new workers are skilled to meet the challenges of increasing demand for aviation services. Or building the workforce for our emerging space transport and omni-channel logistics sectors which are both set for strong growth this decade.

Great ideas to address these challenges and many more can come from anyone and anywhere. Whether you’d like to collaborate with us, share your ideas, get involved in our activities or simply stay informed, get in touch now to join us on the journey.

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