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Our focus

At Industry Skills Australia, we believe in a “people first” culture where a skilled workforce is about better jobs, increased productivity and creating opportunity.

“People first” is our guiding focus.  Whether working with industry or through collaboration with industry, unions, government and our other stakeholders, our focus will be on increasing productivity, creating better jobs and building opportunities for individuals. 

A planned approach to workforce development

Drawing on the latest industry intelligence, and anchored in hard data, we work with industry to develop the national Workforce Plan. 

Setting out industry’s current and emerging skill needs, the Plan prioritises the response needed from governments, training providers, industry organisations, Industry Skills Australia and industry itself. 

World class training products

We develop contemporary training products to solve industry’s new and emerging skill needs. Through smart design, and by working with schools, universities and related industries, these training products include upskilling and reskilling pathways for existing workers, and entry level pathways for career seekers.

We also work closely with trainers and assessors to build their industry knowledge and grow communities of practice to drive innovation and collaboration.   

A commitment to building capability on the ground

We bring together employers, communities, local stakeholders and training providers, to broker sustainable, high impact workforce development solutions.

We build understanding of what the future of work means for employers, workers and the training system using practical insights into the impact of technology and automation on skills, knowledge and job roles.   

We also monitor just how well the training system is meeting the needs of industry, and how well industry’s national Workforce Plan is being implemented.

A strong industry voice on skills

We continually gather intelligence so that we can reliably represent industry’s skill needs and views on workforce development back to the nation’s training system and its decision-makers.

We work with individual employers, unions, industry bodies, communities and the innovation sector.  We also work closely with each state and territory training authority and Jobs and Skills Australia.

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