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Transport & Logistics Jun 20, 2024

Industry feature: Young Guns Container Crew – A community approach to attracting talent

Camilla Elmes, ISA’s Industry Engagement Manager, recently caught up with Trent Young, the co-founder of Young Guns Container Crew to hear about their unique approaches to attract, train, and support their workforce.  

Founded in 2004 with his brother Scott, Young Guns Container Crew started from humble beginnings. While pursuing dreams of professional rugby league careers, while managing engineering studies, the brothers stumbled upon a business opportunity. "We realised early on that there was a bigger opportunity before us, one that could transform the industry with our approach," says Trent Young. The business specialises in loading and unloading shipping containers for some of the world’s leading retailers and 3PLs (third-party Logistics Providers). 

The core values of Young Guns are rooted in community, innovation, and excellence. "Our vision is to build a community that works for everyone, providing good-paying jobs and support services that help our team members bust through barriers to employment," Trent explains. Attracting talent in the logistics industry has its challenges. "It’s an aging workforce, and many people don't see the appeal of transport and logistics," Trent points out. "It doesn't have the cool factor, and few are exposed to what it’s all about." 

Young Guns success is built on investing in people through skills development, engaging with a wider community and focusing on creating a more gender-diverse workforce. “This sets us apart from other businesses by emphasising our unique community environment.”  

It's about making a meaningful impact on the community, not just business. The company has provided employment and training opportunities, particularly for young people and for those from Indigenous communities. 

"We are proud to be an Aboriginal business that embraces the community and helps people to grow," says Trent. "Our mission is to be a force for good, delivering more by igniting unseen talent to master the tough stuff." 

"We are committed to providing training opportunities to help our team members develop their skills," says Trent. "Our goal is to create a workforce that is both highly skilled and highly motivated." The company plans to establish an academy to train their people as leaders in the logistics industry, focusing on building technical skills and leadership qualities. 

Creating a sense of belonging is also crucial to their success. "We work hard to foster a supportive community where everyone feels valued and part of something bigger," Trent explains. This sense of belonging helps support and retain workers, making Young Guns a desirable place to work. 

The benefits of being a Young Gun go beyond just getting paid to get fit. "You get to work with your mates and have fun while doing it," Trent shares. "No matter your role or location, we are committed to supporting you on your journey to unleash your full potential." 

Young Guns uses the term "best version" to describe the professional and personal capabilities they want to develop in their team members. For the company, the benefit is a safer and more productive workforce. "We want our team members to deeply understand themselves and improve their emotional intelligence and leadership qualities," Trent adds. 

Family values underpin the business, and the lessons learned growing up in rural Queensland have been crucial to their success. "When you grow up on a farm, you learn to improvise and innovate solutions. That skill has been crucial in our business, from organising the mechanics of a fledgling business to dealing with daily challenges," Trent explains. 

Young Guns Container Crew exemplifies how a community-driven approach to business can lead to remarkable success and profound societal impact. By prioritising people, fostering innovation, and maintaining strong family values, Scott and Trent Young have built a legacy that extends far beyond the confines of shipping containers. Their commitment to providing opportunities, supporting their community, and driving improvements in the supply chain industry sets them apart as leaders and innovators in their field. "We are more than just a container company," says Trent. "We offer our team the chance to grow their career opportunities and skills while giving back to their community.” 

Young Guns Container Crew stands as a testament to the power of community, innovation, and a relentless commitment to making a difference. 

The visit showed some great insights into how businesses can invest in their people, building their skills and careers, and becoming an employer of choice. At ISA, we love sharing the stories of transport supply chain businesses overcoming skills challenges, to create great jobs and in turn better businesses.  

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