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Omnichannel Logistics - Skills Gap Analysis Project

This project will identify skill requirements for key existing roles within the transport and logistics industries impacted by omnichannel logistics and new roles that are emerging within the sector.

Omnichannel is a term used in ecommerce and retail to describe a business strategy that aims to provide a seamless shopping experience across all channels, including in store, mobile, and online. 

Omnichannel logistics synchronises inventory, logistics and distribution across sales channels to meet consumer demand. Every facet of the supply chain is involved, including the retailer, manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler. 

The growing importance and rapid growth of omnichannel logistics in Australia requires a skilled, agile workforce with transferrable skills.

This project will analyse skills and competencies essential for successful omnichannel logistics operations within the Transport and Logistics industries and the gap between existing and new skill requirements. 

It will also assess existing training products to determine their alignment with industry workforce needs. The goal is to identify gaps in current training offerings and explore the necessity for developing new or reviewing existing training products to meet the unique requirements of the Omnichannel Logistics industry.


Kevin O'Leary

Business Intelligence Lead

M: 0497 182 521 | E:

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