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Rail - Digital Skills Analysis Project

This project will develop five Rail Digital Occupational Profiles to identify workforce development needs for building digital skills in the rail industry.

Industry Skills Australia (ISA) has commenced the Rail Digital Skills Analysis Project in response to skills shortages impacting the industry's digital technology capability in rail signaling, safety critical communications, asset management, track maintenance, high-speed, autonomous, and remote systems.

These shortages are impacting how the rail industry manages technologies and is redefining crucial skills needed for both work and education, highlighting the necessity for digital literacy to participate effectively.

Five occupations will be analysed focusing on their digital skills. These occupations are: Railway Track Worker, Train Driver, Train Controller, Railway Track Plant Operator and Track Protection Officer.

The Australian Digital Capability Framework (ADCF) provides the mechanism to improve and identify generic digital capability requirements in different occupations. A tool developed from the ADCF called a Digital Occupational Profile (DOP) will assist in the project to define the knowledge, skills and proficiency levels that a professional must possess to adequately perform the tasks that require digital capability in their occupation.

The DOP allows industry to detail their skills, how they view and describe them, and at the same time it also allows the categorisation of those skills into the ADCF, assisting in identifying the skills in a common language for transferability, promoting their application across occupations.

Five Digital Occupational Profiles (DOP):

  • Railway Track Worker
  • Train Driver
  • Train Controller
  • Railway Track Plant Operator
  • Track Protection Officer

To complete a DOP on the above occupations, we will undertake the following steps:

  • EOI for subject matter experts for five working groups, linked to the occupations
  • Working groups formed to complete five DOP via at least two workshops per occupation to analyse digital skills to establish the digital aspects of their professional tasks and to describe the specific content of the digital capabilities
  • Public consultation completed of the DOP
  • Review feedback from public consultation with working groups

The DOP can be used by industry to assist in their development for the workforce and digital skills needed.

The five Digital Occupational Profiles are due to be submitted to the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations by 30 January 2025.

If you're passionate about the Rail Industry and keen to make a real difference, we encourage you to register your interest by Tuesday 23 July 2024

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Ron Horne

Project Specialist

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