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Our focus

At Industry Skills Australia, we believe in a “people first” culture where a skilled workforce is about better jobs, increased productivity and creating opportunity.

“People first” is our guiding focus.  Whether working with industry or through collaboration with industry, unions, government and our other stakeholders, our focus will be on increasing productivity, creating better jobs and building opportunities for individuals. 

Workforce planning

As a Jobs and Skills Council, ISA is responsible for engaging with industry and gathering intelligence on industry’s workforce development needs and requirements to formulate evidence-based and data-informed industry workforce development plans that identify industry’s current and emerging skills and workforce development needs at the national level. This will encompass trialling new approaches to meeting workforce skills and industry need.

This will be done in collaboration with Jobs and Skills Australia and other stakeholders including industry, unions, industry associations and Registered Training Organisations.

Training product development

Training products are developed in accordance with standards set by Skills Ministers to lift the quality, innovation, responsiveness and speed to market of nationally recognised training products.

Improving training delivery and assessment

Building involvement and capability to deliver an end-to-end approach to training product development and implementation. ISA has a focused role with respect to training products, their implementation and impact in addressing the needs of stakeholders.

A strategic industry voice

We provide industry a strong, evidentiary-based voice on issues affecting their industries and to provide advice on VET system policies to ensure they are fit-for-purpose.

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